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Pedagogical Perspective (PedPer) is an international, double blind reviwing, non-profit, professional scientific journal. PedPer is a journal that accepts manuscripts related to pedagogy and education. PedPer takes an interdisciplinary approach to its general aim of promoting an open and continuing dialogue about the current educational issues and future conceptions of educational theory and practice in an international context. In order to achieve that aim, PedPer welcomes diverse disciplinary, theoretical, and methodological perspectives. Manuscripts should focus on critical pedagogy, multicultural education, new literacies, curriculum and instruction cross-cultural issues in education, theory and practice in educational evaluation and policy, communication technologies in education, postmodernism, and globalization education. The manuscript accepted to PedPer will be given DOI numbers and then published free of charge. PedPer is an international peer-reviewed journal published two times a year in June and December.

Publisher: Erhan YAYLAK, Ph.D.

Top Ranked Articles

Investigation of reading comprehension processes of primary school 4th grade students

Süleyman Erkam Sulak & Sevi̇l Özkul Türkeri̇

pp. 21-35   |  DOI: 10.29329/pedper.2022.448.2   |  Number of Views: 211  |  Number of Download: 440

Volume 1, Issue 1

Academic dissertations on the social studies course curriculum in Turkey: A review of the literature (2006-2021)

Aslıhan Gez Çi̇npolat

pp. 55-67   |  DOI: 10.29329/pedper.2022.448.4   |  Number of Views: 93  |  Number of Download: 401

Volume 1, Issue 1

Alternative literacies in Turkish social studies teaching program

İlker Dere & Yakup Ateş

pp. 1-20   |  DOI: 10.29329/pedper.2022.448.1   |  Number of Views: 165  |  Number of Download: 396

Volume 1, Issue 1

Issue Information

pp. 0-0   |  DOI: 10.29329/pedper.2022.448   |  Number of Views: 63  |  Number of Download: 395

Volume 1, Issue 1

Investigation of inquiry skills of pre-service social studies teachers

Güldane Bay

pp. 36-54   |  DOI: 10.29329/pedper.2022.448.3   |  Number of Views: 116  |  Number of Download: 393

Volume 1, Issue 1